Stopover Manager Leg 8

At Crew Allocation we were asked to apply for “jobs” – there are many roles that are needed to support the race crew both on and off the boat. As a result of that I was consequently appointed Stopover Manager for leg 8.

Every leg has a Stopover Manager and as a team we have started to prepare. In our role we are responsible for organizing and ensuring our yacht and stopover programs are completed while working with the skipper and the team coordinator. Since the stopover includes maintenance as well as many other activities, we will also work closely with other team leads such as the engineer, bosum, etc.

The stopover manager team is in the process of preparing a “master plan” which we intend to use as a baseline for the specific plans for each leg. Since leg 8 is the last leg of the race, I will be in the lucky position to be able to benefit from our collective experience managing these stopovers.

I am looking forward to supporting the stopover in Australia and then managing the leg 8 stopovers in Derry-Londonderry and wherever else we may go in Europe before the race concludes in London. It will be great to add the experience of a shore-based role to the overall Clipper experience.