I love sailing – and that is an understatement. People who have seen me at the helm of a sailboat have described me as looking as happy as a clam as we say here in New England (translation: happy & content). I’ve also always enjoyed coaching, first in the business world and then as it turned out on a sailboat as well.

In the spring of 2010 I became an American Sailing Association (ASA) Certified Sailing Instructor. I spent that summer teaching as well as helped to build the Narragansett Sailing School in Rhode Island. As a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain, I am certified to teach many of the ASA classes, provide private lessons, and also offer delivery services.


Sailing Instruction

The American Sailing Association (ASA) has been instrumental in establishing uniform sailing teaching standards and strives to increase access to sailing for everyone. The organization certifies sailing instructors and students to international standards. As an ASA Sailing Instructor I am certified to teach the following ASA standards & endorsements:

  • ASA101 Basic Keelboat Sailing
  • ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising
  • ASA104 Bareboat Cruising
  • ASA105 Coastal Navigation
  • ASA106 Advanced Coastal Cruising
  • ASA118 Docking Endorsement
  • ASA119 Weather Endorsement

I also hold the ASA107 Celestial Navigation and ASA108 Offshore Passagemaking student certifications.


Women & Sailing

I don’t now when it was that I realized that women are often hesitant to take the helm, if they could be found on a sailboat at all. Of course there are roles on a well-run boat as there should be, but there is no reason a First Mate can’t be as experienced and confident as the skipper. Confidence is built by doing and succeeding or learning from mistakes and trying again. Sometimes it takes a certain environment and a special coach to help with that, so I created the All Women’s Program at Narragansett Sailing. We are six highly experienced female ASA certified instructors, who can run all of our classes in all All Women’s format. The classes include all ASA standards we offer as well as Diesel Engine, Boat Systems and Docking classes. The feedback has been great and we are very proud to report that the number of ladies at the helm and/or with tools in their hands has been growing!


Deliveries & Private Lessons

As a licensed captain I offer private lessons and delivery services as time permits. I’ve delivered boats throughout New England and was the First Mate and only other crew member on a delivery from Rhode Island to Annapolis, MD.


Offshore Sailing

It took going offshore to truly understand the term “blue water”. The water away from the coast is in fact “more blue”, if things are not stormy that is. Then the world turns grey. I caught the bug on my first offshore trip and really didn’t want to get off that boat. The Clipper RTW Race section of the website has more information on my next offshore adventure.