Good Morning from Hong Kong

Just about an hour ago, team LMAX Exchange crossed the finish line in Albany to win leg 3 – congratulations! ClipperTelemed+ on the other hand is not doing so well and I am sure we are all wondering when the boat will arrive for us to get started with leg 4.

My last blog post talked about my personal preparation for the race and the things I had decided to focus on. Besides the need to become physically as strong as possible so that my 5-foot one-inch frame would survive the big boat, I thought that knowledge of Racing Sailtrim and Marine Weather would be beneficial to be able to bring to the team.

Speaking of which… many people supported the preparation for the race and it’s time to acknowledge “my team”, so here we go: I want to thank Michael Gaffney, Toronto for introducing me to the Clipper Race while we were sailing offshore more than two years ago. Essentially this is all his fault :).

Norman Martin and Greg Metcalf were great teachers when I learned everything I needed to become a licensed captain a few years ago. Many of those lessons apply every day were are out on a boat. And yes, I still know the lights and stuff.

Tom Tursi’s team at the Maryland School of Seamanship in Maryland taught me Celestial Navigation while Jack Morton and David Gifford are entirely responsible for the fact that I caught the bluewater bug. Thanks guys!

David Burch and Larry Brandt at StarPath in Seattle patiently helped me get my hands around marine weather, a topic that didn’t come easy to me. I hope they are comforted by the fact that I’ve prepared ClipperTelemed’s weather routing intel for every leg to-date. For the first time I will get to see how it all plays out on the boat as we tackle the All Australian leg.

Bill Gladstone has written one of the best books I’ve ever read about sailing and is an outstanding instructor. I am sure he had no idea a future offshore racer was sitting in his classroom that cold day in March in Newport, RI when he lectured us on racing sailtrim.

A thank you is also in order when it comes to the area of physical fitness: Mike Pellegrino at Peak Performance in Boston fixed every ailment I had and developed my training programs. He probably knows more about sailing now than he ever wanted to know. My friend Anna Scire was on call for emergency massages when I returned from Clipper Training more than just a bit sore. Thank you guys.

Thank you also to Rob Lawnsby and the team at Narragansett Sailing in Barrington, RI. Rob always keeps an eye on my boat when I am away sailing the big boat. Thank you for always being there for me. I am quite certain none of this would have ever happened without you!

In a few hours, I will catch my flight to Australia and in a few days leg 4 and the race to Sydney will start. Not sure when it will all sink in, maybe when I get my hands on that wheel again :).