Crew Changeover Day in Albany

It is Friday morning on November 27 here in Albany, Western Australia and that means crew joining leg 4 here are due to report to the Race Office today. With that preparations for leg 4 are now starting with all leg 4 crew members, which will include a mandatory refresher sail tomorrow. It’s probably a good idea to remind ourselves on what to do when with these pesky running backstays.

With the exception of two boats, all other teams are in port and working on their boats. Unicef is due within a few hours with ClipperTelemed+ now expected to arrive some time tomorrow evening. Let’s hope that the leg 4 orientation meeting does not get in the way of greeting our team upon arrival.

It’s shopping day for me today… shopping for “boat stuff” that is. I think I’ve tracked down everything on the list, but I guess we’ll find out. However, I am off to the Race Office first…

Happy Thanksgiving!