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Quality Management

Having worked in a Consumer Goods company with one of the strongest brands there are, I’ve always been passionate about quality and providing outstanding results. In my current role in EMC IT, I bring all my delivery experience as well as my ability to coach together with the drive to add value in an efficient way. My team strives to instill a culture of quality into everything we do to ensure we ultimately meet consumer expectations. Additionally, we are learning how to do that in an As-a-service model where we need to compete for business.


International Project/Program Management

My philosophy on project management has always been to be technology-agnostic. I have managed many projects and programs implementing many different technology solutions in different business function and I’ve done it well. My success rate for delivering projects on time and budget with the agreed upon scope is above average. While experience plays a significant role, it’s the project team that needs to come together and they will if the effort is orchestrated well. My project management experience spans several countries on three different continents as well as two different industries. I have been PMP certified since 2002.


Organizational Development & Change Management

Technology projects often come with the need for change in some way, but the need to change and to enhance capabilities can also be a project. I have supported or managed both and understand the importance of proper change management incl. from a human perspective. At EMC I am currently supporting a transformation effort that is geared towards running IT as a business.


Small Business Consulting

My early involvement in helping to build Narragansett Sailing has evolved into being a business consultant for this small business in Rhode Island. The consulting focuses on a number of areas which include Business Planning & Execution and the development of new programs and go-to-market strategies. I am also involved in sales as well as improving the operational side of the business with its four core offerings.

For more specifics on my corporate career, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.

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