ClipperTelemed+ Updates

With the remaining two boats that started the race late having arrived in Cape Town today, it is now confirmed that ClipperTelemed+ finished leg 2 in 5th place! Congratulations to the team.

However, that great accomplishment was overshadowed by the news we received on Saturday that our Canadian skipper Diane Reid resigned citing personal family reasons. While this is of course a loss for the ClipperTelemed+ team, the larger significance may be the fact that the Clipper Race lost one of the two female skippers in the race. Many of us will now show up at Crew Changeovers around the world not knowing what our new skipper Matt Mitchell is like and how he will manage the team. We will all of course find out in due time.

For me, the countdown is on: Less than four weeks until I leave to join the team in Albany, Western Australia.