Clipper Training completed

It was a long and exhausting week in the UK, but I have now completed all 4 levels of the mandatory Clipper Training.

5 Clipper Telemed+ and 11 Team Huw crew members picked up their brand-new foul weather gear to start the week and boarded CV26 on Sunday morning. The fleet of seven Clipper boats left around 2pm after the obligatory safety briefing. It blew 30 knots gusting to 40 at times, and it we started racing the next day after a night at anchor.

In these conditions it didn’t take long for many of us to get seasick. Some folks were out for two days, however one of the other boats reported having only two people up and running! Apparently we made it to the coast of France and back, but overall didn’t do so well in the race. The week included a second race, but this being training we had a (simulated) Man-Over-Board under spinnaker in the middle of the second race.

Other than sailing in watches, we rotated through all major roles incl. mother, engineer, navigator etc. Those of us, who wanted to, had a chance to try our hand at watch leading. In addition to towing and boat-to-boat transfer drills, we also had a photo shoot involving a simulated race start with all seven boats as well as flying the kites in formation. You can see pictures from the shoot here:

While the week was incredibly intense, I got a much better feel for the boat. Repeating everything over and over helped greatly to get better. Of course it was also great to get to know our skipper Diane. Seasickness remains a challenge and it now appears no combination of medications will prevent me from getting sick. This week was as close as we’ve come to the real racing we’ll be doing. I am sure we will experience worse as well as more benign conditions during the race, so let’s hope Team Clipper Telemed+ will come together and enjoy the ride.

Read more about Race Preparation Week in London at the end of August in my next blog…