Clipper RTW Race


It was somewhere between Bermuda heading west towards Norfolk, VA when those of us participating in this ASA 108 Offshore Passagemaking trip started to talk about what we would do next to further expand our skills. I had already made up my mind that I would go and train in a different part of the world - off the coast of England. The northeast coast of the United States where I live, is steeped in maritime and of course America's Cup history right in Newport, RI, so we play well with boats around here. Having caught the bluewater bug, I knew I wanted more of those challenges, heavy weather and big waves, strong currents and fog and all of that in unfamiliar territory. It was then that one of the crew said to check out the Clipper Race...

So, here we are: I am officially crew for the 2015/16 Clipper Round the World race planning to participate in two of the eight legs. This race will start in the UK in August of 2015. Until then, there is much work to do to get ready and prepare... check out this site often to learn about the preparation and training, to read about equipment and recommendations, to share our stories and of course to ultimately follow the race.


The Race

The Clipper Round the World race is a round-the-world sailing race for amateur crew from around the world, who join fully-qualified skippers on fourteen identical, 70-foot, stripped down racing yachts. The 2015/16 edition will get underway in August 2015. Crew can join the entire race or certain legs provided they have completed 26 days of training.


The Legs

I am currently planning to participate in the following legs:

Leg 4 - A Second Great Cape and Three Oceans: This leg will be underway in November – December 2015 sailing from a port in West Australia to a port in East Australia with a possible pit stop in between. This race takes the boats further south then on any other leg and provides the opportunity to sail in the Roaring Fourties.

Leg 8 – Homecoming: This last leg of the race will be underway in June – July 2016 and will start on the East Coast of the Unites States. This North Atlantic crossing will see the boats stop in ports in Europe before completing the race with an arrival back in London, UK.


The Boats

Fourteen One Design Clipper 70’s will compete in this race around the world. The stripped down ocean yachts were designed by Tony Castro.

Clipper specs